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ImageDespite being dead for 51 years , original screen siren Marilyn Monroe has been named as the new face of Chanel No5 perfume. This is an interesting move, as Marilyn’s womanly shape, which made her the biggest sex symbol of the 1950’s is a far cry from the ‘perfect’ figure that you see on the catwalk nowadays. Marilyns measurements were 37-23-36, while the average catwalk models measurements are 32-22-33.


Monroe was an enormous role model to the youth of the 1950’s. With her healthy and enviably sexy figure, she was exactly what every female wanted to be. During this time, being ‘skinny’ was seen as being wildly unattractive, and people paid money for drugs to try and make themselves gain weight. This is a far cry from current day attitude towards weight,where curves are seen as something that should not be on a  womans body, especially within the fashion industry, with people spending enormous amounts of money on drugs, diets and surgeries to reduce their body fat.

So does the ‘ideal’ body shape change with  fashion? Will it ever go back to a healthy weight? We are already seeing a slight increase in the popularity of curvy, hourglass figures, with people such as Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian being seen as modern day sex symbols.


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About me.

My name is Phoebe Pollitt, I am 19 years old from Elmbridge, Surrey. I have wanted to be in the fashion industry since I can remember, but it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I discovered the Contour Fashion course at DMU. I studied Textiles at GCSE, Fashion at A Level, then an Art and Design foundation Diploma in order to get the best experience prior to starting the course.

My favourite lingerie brands include Fleur of England and Fifi Chachnil, but I am also a great fan of the Agent Provocateur advertising campaigns. I enjoy visiting museums, particularly the V&A due to their extensive fashion collections and artefacts from ancient Asia which really interest me, and the Fashion and Textile Museum. I also like to read magazines, for example, i-D and Tatler.

Suit of armour, made by Myochin Muneharu, Japan, 1859. Museum no. 362 to R-1865, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Suit of armour, made by Myochin Muneharu, Japan, 1859. Museum no. 362 to R-1865, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

In my spare time I also like to keep fit by doing yoga he future I would love to make an impact within the contour design world, I am not sure what area yet, as I enjoy both lingerie, loungewear and sportswear. The reason I am on this particular course is because it is he best in the world, and it also allowed me to move away from home, before ideally moving back to London in the future after I have graduated.



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