I have chosen this Mulberry shirt that I bought recently, it is made of pure silk and was made in England. RRP was £400.

DSC_0151It is an extremely good quality garment, so is therefore made from the best quality silk. Silk is natural and can be a renewable source if it is ‘peace silk’, which means that the silk worms are allowed to emerge from their cocoons and live their full lives, not dying as a result of the silk being made However, regular silk is made by boiling cocoons with the silk worm still inside, therefore DSC_0150killing it. It is not clear which form of silk was used to make this garment, however due to the enormous cost it is very possible that this is made from ethically sourced wool, as it is harder to create, therefore more expensive.

Mulberry prides itself on making all of its products in England, therefore is seen as being ethically produced as there is a minimum wage in Britain so workers are not being exploited like they are in other countries such as India. In the same way that ‘Fair trade’ products are more expensive than regular products, garments made in England will cost far more money than that of workers that are exploited.


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