The bodice detail on this dress from Versace’s S/S 14 collection. While it is ‘sexy’ and form fitting, it has a lot of similarities with mens shirts.


This garment is definitely related to a shirt, despite how feminine it looks. The collar and centre line of buttons with the pockets and strips of thick stitching is stereotypical of any shirt, but I think this is more like a casual denim shirt, e.g. a Levis work shirt.


The Versace garment has totally transformed the classic shirt, yet anybody could spot the distinct similarities. While traditionally a denim shirt will have been made for work as a sturdy and tough garment, not made to be aesthetically pleasing. So it is ironic that it has been stylized to be part of a high fashion Versace collection. It is amazing that this shirt has managed to influence such a ‘sexy’ garment.

Despite having the top button done up, which would previously be seen as smart, this adds to the sex appeal that this garment has. Whether its because it is on a woman or because of the cleavage bearing neckline of the dress, it is undeniably sexy, and projects a totally different image than that of an original Levis denim work shirt.

















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