Brand analysis.

AllSaints target customer is aged twenty to mid thirties. The main products sold are clothes which range from knitwear, to tailoring to graphic t-shirts, they also sell jewellery, shoes and bags. Products sold in these stores are very distinctive, are quirky tailoring, graphic prints and effortless looking style. They are made from very high quality fabric, often featuring cashmere, silk or leather. They would fall under the categories of basic, fashion and classic. The logo is a rams skull in a distressed print, which gives the impression of an edgy and derelict image. This is featured on t shirts and poloshirts. Carrier bags are thick card bags printed with the logo and brand name, which are make to have the same ‘distressed’ effect, the same as the swing tags. Their USP is highstreet Avant Garde style, with features such as oddly placed hemlines and clever drapery.

Rattle dress

Rattle dress

Drina cardigan

Drina cardigan



DSC_0144The price of AllSaints products vary from £40 for a t-shirt to £398 for a leather jacket, they would be seen as ‘high’ highstreet due to their top price point. They have also collaborated with Swarovski to create a couple of items a year, including a dress costing £1,398. AllSaints have seasonal sales with mark downs of up to 50% twice a year and occasional 20% off events, but reductions are rare compared to a lot of other highstreet stores. I believe this makes them a more attractive store, as it makes them less attainable than other shops, for example Topshop.

Swarovski crystal mesh dress

Swarovski crystal mesh dress

AllSaints sell products only online and in bricks and mortar stores, which gives them an air of exclusivity. Within AllSaints physical stores they have a few of each garment out, which makes it look more exclusive and desirable. It also allows them to fit more types of stock in store. The location of AllSaints stores are in the middle of large cities, e.g. London and Manchester. Aside from obvious shopping locations such as Oxford Street, there’s a branch in Spitalfields, where the brand comes from and the flagship is based. The in-store environment looks derelict, with wood floors and rusting furnishings. There are old fashioned sewing machines mounted on the wall, and white neon lights. The stores are distinctive and create an entire shopping experience. Staff are helpful, and dress in AllSaints clothing, they tend to be young, beautiful and edgy people, who do a job of making the clothes more desirable.—presentation






AllSaints advertise on the internet and billboards, this gives them maximum exposure. They use social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest. This makes it easier for their target audience to keep up with the brand. The brand supports bands, and shows exclusive performances and interviews on their website. This makes them more relevant to their target audience, similar to what Burberry does. They release a seasonal fashion film, which is what a lot of high fashion houses like Saint Laurent and Mulberry do. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel are regularly seen in AllSaints clothing, this helps to raise the profile of the brand, and the products are much more desirable.—kings-of-leon-documentary

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Jessice Biel

Jessica Biel


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