Mulberry A/W13

Mulberry A/W13

Mulberry is a British brand internationally renowned for it’s expert craftsmanship, particularly in leather goods, and excellent quality. The brand is best known for its leather bags, which the company website states is “the brand’s backbone”. However, they also produce footwear, accessories and womenswear.  Mulberry wants to become better known for their non leather wear lines, and that is projected in the above advert. Mulberry design fashion items for “stylish” and “stand-out” people, and make sure that they are always illustrating their classic British image. The brand is seen as luxury, with a woman’s bag costing up to £5000, and a dress costing up to £3,500. High profile celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are often seen wearing Mulberry, and some such as Alexa Chung and Lana Del Ray even have bags named after them.

The advert appears to be set in a deserted mansion, which could be somewhere in the country, such as Somerset where Mulberry is famously based. While the setting is derelict, it is clear that the house was once luxury, this is shown by the size of the room, the small parts of the fittings you can see and the velvet chairs. The strange addition of a tree and leaves inside projects the ‘outdoorsy’ image that the brand likes to portray, aided by the use of animals that is often featured in Mulberry’s advertising campaigns  in the past they have used foxes and sparrows, while in this case they are using taxidermy owls. Another addition to the ‘outdoorsy’ feel is the model wearing a thick bouclé coat, which looks out of place inside a house, but not when seen with the tree. Also, using model Cara Delevingne projects the luxury British image even more, as she is well known for being the daughter of very wealthy parents, being privately educated and living in a house in Belgravia, London.

The model is holding a large leather Mulberry bag in front of her, the bag is black, which mixes in with the background, but is contrasted by the trademark gold clasp on the front of it, which is instantly related to the Mulberry brand. However, what really stands out in this advert is the Mulberry logo and brand name at the side of the page. The words and logo being in white contrasts with the rest of the image, which is mostly dark, but does have matching white accents, e.g. on the coat and owls.

The brand message is projected well in this advert. It is instantly clear that this is a British brand, and that they sell clothes, bags and shoes. The luxury yet derelict feel of this advert is strongly associated with Mulberry, and also manages to look undoubtedly British. The reasons for this real British feel could also be connected to popular television shows such as Downton Abbey, which have made traditional Britishness fashionable again.


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