Subculture street style – The Sloane Ranger.

Princess Diana was the face of the Sloane Rangers in the 1980’s. A Sloane Ranger refers to  a stereotype in England of young, upper or upper-middle-class women, or men, who generally grew up in privileged areas of the country, and then moved to London in the areas of Knightsbridge, South Kensington and Chelsea. They were the epitome of rich young things of England in the 80’s, and they were who many young girls and boys aspired to be. So it is fitting that Diana, an aristocrat from the Spencer family, would be seen as the exemplar ‘Sloanie’. She lived every little girls dream, by marrying a member of the royal family, Prince Charles, and becoming a princess.

 During the 1980’s, the idea of being seen as wealthy was extremely important for a lot of people. People were starting to earn more money, and due to the rise of prosperity the upper classes felt the need to assert their position in society as well as their class status. As a result of this, the Sloane Ranger was born, and the signature style for the young upper classes became well known.

In this image, Princess Diana is wearing a classic Sloane Ranger outfit. To this day, a white shirt with a jumper around the shoulders oozes class, and is worn a lot by upper class men and women alike. The knee length pencil skirt and modest heels project a very smart and elegant look, which is what was expected of upper class ladies, as they were seen to be the creme dela creme of society, and had to keep up that image. The sunglasses Diana is wearing make her appear to have an air of exclusivity about her, and also makes her seem slightly unattainable. Diana’s perfectly quaffed hair was copied by thousands around the world, and never had a hair out of place, this just added to the tasteful and refined yet stylish look.

Due to there being more money around than ever, younger people managed to become wealthier earlier, which was propelled by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s advice to buy houses and spend money. Also, the recession and extreme money loss that poorer parts of the country suffered from just set a wider gap between classes, so the Sloane Rangers became more unattainable and desirable.


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